Opt for an original women's brooch on sale 

The brooch has been back in fashion for some time now and Des Petits Hauts has concocted a selection of brooches on sale just for you!

The brooch on a garment allows you to assert yourself more with a trait of your personality and character: if you prefer to give a more formal impression, you will find fairly classic brooches such as thePaolina brooch which represents a daisy. Wear on a vest, over a shirt, or on a sweater, it will brighten up your most professional outfits.

If you prefer to communicate your humour, your character through your brooch, or even your tastes, discover our original brooches on sale such as the Prins brooch (chips), the Pau brooch (which represents a small sequined black cat), the Picha brooch ( inspired by Mexican sacred hearts), the Mitouk brooch (for a travel look on your outfits) or the Phillias brooch for a mountain look on your outfits.

How to wear a brooch?

You can wear your brooch in many ways according to your desires and tastes.

Take advantage of our brooches on sale to try and wear your brooch on:

  • A dress: this will be the final touch of your dress, your brooch will immediately give a more refined or offbeat side to your look, depending on your choice of brooch of course,
  • A shirt: what better than to break up the strict and formal look of the shirt with an original brooch?
  • A sweater: to make your outfit more personalized, attach a brooch that looks like you or inspires you to your sweater,
  • A jacket: on a denim jacket, a blazer jacket or even a suit jacket, the brooch will bring a touch of originality,
  • A coat: this will give a touch of originality to the most sober coats and will bring contrast to already colored or original coats,
  • A somewhat classic scarf: this will brighten up the outfit,
  • A hat: again, do not hesitate to combine your brooch and your hat, especially if it is quite classic or in a solid color,

Experiment with what you like the most and take advantage of the sales on our brooches to treat yourself and try new things!

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