Take advantage of the Sale to bring a breath of fresh air into your summer wardrobe with the Des Petits Hauts Sale!

Sale on dresses: for a feminine and comfortable look

The dress is an essential piece: practical to wear and match, it comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and even more styles for a personalized and feminine look.

The sales on winter dresses allow you to find great dresses that will keep you warm even on cold days.

You will find different types of dresses to combine endlessly: short dress, midi dress, long dress, summer dress or winter dress. As many models as desires and inspirations for outfits that are always original and flattering for your morphology.

Sale on skirts for women: so long skirt or short skirt?

The sales also allow you to test new outfits. During sales periods, you can crack and try long skirts, if you are used to wearing short skirts or vice versa.

Your choice between the long skirt and the short skirt depends on different factors:

  • Comfort: some prefer the short skirt for their ease of movement, others feel more comfortable in a long skirt all day long,
  • The occasion: a short skirt will give a more modern and dynamic look to your outfit, while a long skirt will look more sophisticated and formal depending on the model.
  • The style you want: it is quite possible to give a more relaxed look to a skirt with sneakers for example, or depending on the top you will wear with it. A blouse will give your outfit a more formal look, a sweater a more casual style.

During the sales, find our selections of blouses and blouses , T-shirts and tops , sweaters and cardigans or even coats and jackets to complete your wardrobe at a lower cost.

While waiting for the return of the sales, fall for our new arrivals: dresses, skirts , pants , tops , jackets or even accessories . On Des Petits Hauts you will find everything you need to give your wardrobe a boost.