At Des Petits Hauts, what drives us on a daily basis, our driving force, are the values ​​that we advocate in each of our actions, our collections, our projects.

Everyday poetry

It's noticing the ladybug that has landed on your neighbor's shoulder
of table, it is to be touched in front of a couple of grandparents who walk in love hand in hand , it is to know how to stop even for a minute to enjoy the softness of a ray of sunshine , it is to go to buy
flowers for pleasure.

The poetry of Des Petits Hauts is all these little things that warm the heart. With its poetic and colorful universe,
Des Petits Hauts makes women’s everyday lives more beautiful and softer.

Fantasy as a standard

It's a way of counteracting the gloom and
bring joy into everyday life. A dazzling color,
the shine of a glittery knit, a pattern to brighten up an outfit...
Wearing Des Petits Hauts is like a little personal therapy, it's fighting grayness with color,
it's fighting bad mood with joyful motives!

The Des Petits Hauts fantasy is not an ephemeral fashion,
it is the desire to offer other women the freedom to express
in turn their singularity.

The sisterhood

Since day 1, Des Petits Hauts has been designed by women
for women. In the beginning there are two sisters and desire
to create a brand like they had never known before.
A unique brand that would warm the hearts of customers
with poetic pieces, beautiful comforting knits,
cheerful accessories and objects found here and there.
A brand
who loves women, wants to make them beautiful and shares with us
her admiration for other creative & inspiring women.

Very quickly, this pair of sisters transcended into a community
of women who have found a source of inspiration in this brand,
of creativity and joyful kindness. In store ,
we are received as friends , we know each other, we come to buy but also,
to spend a light and joyful moment.

At Des Petits Hauts, everyone is welcome at all ages,
at any size, on any horizon.
Because what connects women
Des Petits Hauts is not a fixed style, it is a way of seeing life.


Des Petits Hauts, is convinced that clothing is beautiful
when it is well thought out, well designed and finalized down to the smallest detail.
To achieve this level of requirement, Des Petits Hauts sources beautiful raw materials from high-end suppliers ,
prized by major fashion houses. And because Des Petits Hauts is a resolutely generous brand, the quality-style-price ratio
brand clothing has always been an essential argument.
It is also because it is a respectful brand that Des Petits Hauts designs clothes made to last over time and in the heart. Clothes that have this extra
of charm that makes you never want to part with it.

Finally, we are committed to building strong and lasting ties
since our beginnings with our historical suppliers and manufacturers,
our partners, our customers.

friendliness, proximity

Meet, exchange, create together , these values ​​are part of
of our DNA! In store, on our site and our social networks, our customers and our ambassadors form a real community !

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