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Simple homemade laundry recipe by @l'alchimiste

Sarah, founder of the brand l'alchimiste explains to us today how to make her homemade detergent with Marseille soap, to take care of her pretty pieces... and especially her pretty knits.

Wool sweaters (merino, cashmere, mohair, etc.) are fragile and therefore deserve the greatest care; it is therefore necessary to avoid the classic detergent to wash them.

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Simple & effective recipe to follow below:

WHAT I NEED – for 1 liter of liquid detergent, i.e. 12 washes


  1. Melt your chips in a liter of water in a saucepan,
  2. Once the soap is perfectly liquid, remove the pan from the heat,
  3. Add the bicarbonate, the soda crystals and mix well,
  4. Pour your mixture into a glass bottle,
  5. It's ready !
  6. Stick on our pretty label specially developed for the occasion by @ chacuicui :DOWNLOAD

SARAH'S TIPS for successful home laundry:

Opt for a real Marseille soap with olive oil. Avoid palm oil soaps which, in addition to being bad for the environment, are not ideal for obtaining the right laundry texture. You can get a Marseille soap in the form of a cube to rap yourself, but we advise you to save time by skipping this step by directly obtaining Marseille soap shavings with olive oil .


A REMINDER of the good maintenance gestures for your knits:

Preferably wash your stitches by hand with your fingertips 😊,

in cold water,

with a "delicate" detergent (not too much product especially!) like the one made just above,

by rubbing very gently,

do not let it soak,

and rinse thoroughly in water without ever wringing it.

For drying , be careful never to wring or twist it,

Gently blot the sweater/vest with a towel, then lay it flat so as not to deform it.

be careful not to dry it near direct sunlight or a heat source (for colors).

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