In the middle of the desert, "Arizona Song" immerses us in a poetic,
dreamy and slightly eccentric universe, inspired by the 70's and by the aesthetics of the cinema,
grandiose landscapes as far as the eye can see.

The road to the
Moon is long
From arduous paths
to the stars
The romantic story of a heroine fascinated by Space, the stars and the moon,
who falls in love with an elsewhere, lost in the immensity and infinity.

The moon observatory

A collection in the colours
of sunsets on the canyons,
canyons,  qui mixe pièces aux
seventies connotations and masculine clothing.
The prints tell us about
racontent l’univers & l’imaginaire de
notre héroïne.

Blouses with generous
volumes are combined with
taille haute en velours cotelé. 
Everyone has a secret
desire deep inside them,
a desire that is
stronger than anything
else, a crazy desire...
Encounters of the third kind
- What do you
like most here?

- Silence.

- The stars,
brillent dans le ciel
sur le
dark velvet
of the night.
Encounters of the third kind